Advanced Pediatric Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) and Surface Electromyography (sEMG) in Dysphagia Management: The Guardian Way® (eLearning + Remote Live Lab) Schedule


Course Schedule

This course is offered for .50 ASHA CEUs in a self-study + live lab format

Time is approximated

40 MinsModule 1

Introduction to course
Fundamentals of Swallowing
Assessment & Screening

20 MinsModule 2

The Normal Pediatric Swallow Process
20 MinsModule 3

The Abnormal Swallow
25 MinsModule 4

Evaluation and Treatment Approaches
15 MinsModule 5

Introduction to Electrotherapy
25 MinsModule 6

Parameters: Definitions and Customization to Individualize Treatment
15 Mins Module 7

Neuroplasticity and Cortical Reorganization
10 MinsModule 8

Documentation and Competency
20 MinsModule 9

The Guardian Way NMES Programs
40 MinsModule 10

Implementing The Guardian Way®
25 MinsModule 11

Submental Placement
20 MinsModule 12

Facial Stimulation
30 MinsModule 13

Electrodes and Typical Sessions
30 MinsModule 14

sEMG and Outcomes Measures
30 MinsLab 1:

sEMG Placing and Securing Electrodes
Data Collection and Interpretation
Use of the Guardian Suite App
30 MinsLab 2:

 NMES with placement for pharyngeal dysphagia
Skilled introduction of NMES
Placing and Securing Electrodes
Introducing the Current
Assessing for Contraction
Adjusting the Parameters