Protocol and Education:

• Painless for the patient
• Parameters are designed for small muscles and based on well-established principles of electrophysiology
• Placement above the level of the hyoid promotes upward hyolaryngeal excursion
• Two facial placements for use with oral dysphagia and facial paresis
• 30-minute duration
• Appropriate for almost all diagnoses

Aspire2 Device:

• NMES, sEMG and ETS combined in a single handheld device
• In addition to biofeedback, sEMG allows for objective data collection for documentation
• Includes four programs based on current literature plus a fifth option to fully customize all parameters
• USB charged


• Our Hydroblue Gel electrodes can be used for approximately four sessions with good adhesion and even transfer of current throughout the entire surface
• We sell both snap connectors (for VitalStim units) and lead wire (for Aspire2 and others)

Hard to Swallow:

• National Foundation of Swallowing Disorders
• American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA) Public Site
• American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA) Swallowing Disorders in Adults