05A151-10 | Adult Snap Connection .875” Butterfly, Standard Hydrogel - (VitalStim Compatible)

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05A151-10 | Adult Snap Connection .875″ Round Electrode VitalStim Compatible 

  • Snap connection .875" Round
  • For use with adults and older children
  • Single patient use
  • Guardian NMES, VitalStim, VitalStim PLUS & eSwallow compatible
  • White Cloth
  • 20 electrode pairs per case

Guardian® Dysphagia Therapy Electrode Adult Snap Connection .875″ Round - VitalStim Compatible

Each Guardian® Dysphagia Butterfly Therapy Electrode Kit contains:

(2) 2” x 3.5” (5cm x 9cm) Adult Butterfly w/snap connection .87”
(2) Skin Protectant Barrier Wipes
Single Application

Guardian® Dysphagia Therapy Electrodes are the #1 choice as the safest, highest quality electrodes for placement on the anterior portion of the neck. Our patent pending electrode system works with existing NMES devices for the treatment of dysphagia. Our silver coated carbon film has been optimized for maximum current dispersion across the electrode surface to eliminate hot spots. Dual layer hydrogel provides maximum Adult patient comfort and reusability. 

  • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • Silver (Ag) coated carbon film reduces impedance and enhances current dispersion
  • Proprietary electrode placement chart
  • Dual Layer and Hydroblue Skin Sensitive hydrogels on the Guardian® Dysphagia Therapy Electrodes offer the most comfortable stimulation. 

10 Electrode Packs per case 

SKU: 05A151-10