01AS80 - ASPIRE 2 sEMG/NMES/ETS +BLE iOS 6.0.0 App Included

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The Aspire2 device ships with everything needed to begin treatments.

The Guardian Aspire2 SwallowStim neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) and biofeedback (sEMG) device offers many advantages with pre-set and customizable options. The sEMG biofeedback function provides an opportunity for capturing, measuring and visualizing electrical signals of the targeted musculature. 

Each kit contains:

1 - Carrying Case
1 - Lead-wire Part #07AS80
1 - Instruction Manual
1 - Package Part #05A156 Electrodes
1 - Package Part #05A167 Electrodes
1 - Micro USB Charger

Guardian® Dysphagia Therapy neuromuscular electrical stimulation protocols are designed to assist in the recruitment and re-education of the muscles used in the process of swallowing. Therapies are performed under the guidance of a clinician in an interactive process that combines stimulation with an effortful swallow. 

This objective data gathering tool provides a foundation for baseline assessments, ongoing treatment progress and a positive feedback loop for patient interaction.

Guardian Aspire2 SwallowStim

  • No recalibration required for the life of the device.
  • ETS (EMG Triggered Stimulation) function
  • NMES (Neuromuscular electrical stimulation)
  • Multimedia interactive training
  • Functional electrical stimulation prescription management
  • Electrodes Isolation technology: ETS and NMES mode use 1 electrode wire
  • Bluetooth 4.0 (communication with iPad)
  • Electrodes loss detection function
  • Low battery warning function
  • Symmetric Biphasic Balanced wave
  • Rechargeable lithium battery + micro USB port
  • Data storage function
  • Usage time lock function
  • ETS and NMES mode are available without iPad
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Device Specification

Power: rechargeable lithium battery 7.4V
Safety class: internal power BF type
Protection type: Class II device Shutdown current: < 0.1mA
Operating current: 0 ~60mA
Frequency: 5 – 100Hz
Pulse width: 50 ~ 450uS (±10%)

Measuring range: 10uV ~999uV
Highest resolution: < 2uV
Input noise: <10uV
Transmission bands: 120Hz ~ 1000Hz (-3dB)
Differential mode input impedance: >5MΩ
Common mode rejection ratio: >100dB

Frequency, 5-100Hz, biphasic balanced wave ±10%
Output intensity: load 1000Ω, min 1mA, max 60mA

Frequency: 18 Hz, biphasic balanced wave ±10%
Pulse width : 150 uS (±10%)
Output intensity: load 1000Ω, min 1mA, max 60mA

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